James Settelmeyer
Nevada State Senator -  District 17

My family and I welcome you to our campaign website. We hope you find it informative not only about our campaign but about issues facing the state of Nevada.  The next session of the legislature the state will face fiscal problems.  We as citizens of this state need to face this issue like all other issues, today.  We can not afford to kick the can down the road, the decision is too great, and the time to act is now.   If you have questions that are not addressed here, please use the contact link to the right.

The cowboy gets up early in the morning, decides what he wants to do, then straddles his pony and gets to work.  He does the best he can and spends as little money as possible.  The politician gets up late in the morning, straddles the fence, spends all the money he can, gets all the votes lined up, and then decides what to do. 

- Joe M. Evans


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